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WORLD LABYRINTH DAY: walk for insight and serenity

What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a single path which takes you in a circuitous way from an outer edge entrance into the center, and then back out. I’ve walked numerous types of labyrinths, both in the US and abroad.

Labyrinths include dirt, flower-lined or bricked paths as well as finger ones on paper that you ‘walk’ by moving your finger along the path. Portable labyrinths on cloth or vinyl are unfolded and laid out for temporary usage.

What are the benefits of labyrinths?

Labyrinths have many benefits. Labyrinths are used world-wide to quiet the mind, calm anxieties, recover balance in life, and discover answers to personal questions through self-reflection and insight while walking the path.

Using labyrinths during times of grief and loss or stress

Yes, we may use a labyrinth when our grief is anchored in the loss of a person we held dear---and we experience loss in other ways throughout our lives.

We may lose the opportunity to travel because we became ill. We may lose a job we really wanted. We may lose the ability to pursue a talent we have. We may even break an item of little intrinsic value but which to us is a precious heirloom. These are all examples of other types of loss that cause us grief.

Additional ways to respond to grief and loss, stress or anxiety

More strategies are described in my award-winning book, The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying. Get your copy at: 

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