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Too often, when someone is sick, they stop being a person and become a sad story, which is why I’d encourage you to write your own obituary.

10 reasons to do it now.

#10 You could be the 1 in 5 who dies suddenly, unexpectedly

#9 Let grieving survivors off the hook; they will have enough going on, and what do they know anyway?

#8 Only you know how you wish to be remembered

#7 Besides, you might be in sales or marketing or even, heck, journalism and could bang out an award-winning tale of what makes you tick—or did make you tick until your ticker stopped ticking

#6 Your phrasing, your personality, what you think sucks or deserves a hearty laugh; tell your story your way

#5 A life review now—even a quick one—can remind you of forgotten or sidelined dreams while you still have an opportunity to fulfill (some of) them

#4 Acknowledge the threads that brought you to where you are today

#3 Only you know how you feel about life, about your life

#2 You’re still breathing, still alert, still able

#1 Who knows you better than you?

An obit can convey not how we died, but who we were when we were alive. And be a record of our existence for future generations.

So, write or dictate or videotape your obituary. Because you are so much more than just a sad story.

(PS A draft is satisfactory; your life is not over—yet.)

Get your FREE guide for heartfelt, sassy or traditional obits at and put “OBIT” in the subject line.

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