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About Linda Bryce

Author and Bedside Singer, Death and Dying Coach/Teacher/Guide,


Never did Linda imagine when she stood, speechless, at age 18 at her first hospital bedside of a gentleman who told her he was dying, that it would lead her to be a coach and teacher offering guidance, practical advice and support services to make the journey toward death easier for you or someone you know. 


Linda’s mission is to pass on her understandings and show you how to be there at the bedside, fully present with anyone who is dying, and sharing in the mystery and wonder of death—and after.


Who is this person who will travel at your side?

  • Linda is known to radiate a peaceful, centered presence and be the calm in the midst of chaos and confusion.​

  • She has been called Sunshine and Joy. Few resist her joyful spirit. 

  • She will journey with you until the end, consoling you in your doubt and despair or sitting in silence at your side.


Her credentials include a career as an attorney and advocate for the elderly and the marginalized and presentations and workshops from then on. Her earlier book, articles, an M.A. in Jewish-Christian Studies and then ordination, enabled her to explore death and dying in her studies and in the University courses she taught. In recent years, her direct work at bedside led her to acquire a professional certificate as an end-of-life doula. The totality of her professional and personal experiences allows her to offer you more. 


Linda is here to serve you, or someone you know, who is dealing with the approaching death of a loved one. She will guide you through to the peace, comfort—and wonder—of dying and of death.

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