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Challenge: Met! Results: Heart-opening

I wonder whether my kindness responses would be different if I were out more and interacting with more people.

Even before COVID, it’s a quieter life I now lead. I write. I sing. I read. I lead or participate in singing, meditation, and healing groups. I give talks. As needed, I tend the yard and pull the weeds—more needed lately. I marvel at the flowers and the wildlife—from hummingbirds and chipmunks to fox and bear—that grace our piece of land. There is a profound sense of gratitude that overtakes me and that can move me to tears. (Like now.)

The weekend did put my focus on kindness—every minute. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” It’s a reminder that our energy, our activity, and intentions follow our focus.

I did avoid snarky comments about the trash we pick up on our morning walks. But overall, there was a difference in feeling tone. It was more than just kind words and behavior; it felt like kindness exuding from me as a pleasant fragrance wafting over the landscape and all that inhabit it. Hmm. Perhaps that’s the energy of kindness flowing out, following my attention.

What energy do we put out? It's heart-opening to pay attention. Blessings.

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