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To tend a seed or not; that is the question

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

It snowed again yesterday; blizzard-like actually. I thought about all who have died and can no longer experience in the flesh the wonder of winter. I thought about all who are living in dire circumstances because of the winter and so may not see the wonder. I thought about this, the winter of my life, and seeds that lie “beneath the winter snows”.

Within each of us lies a seed, indeed, many seeds. Do we not have more than one interest, more than one person or activity that brings us joy, more than one talent we would like to explore. Each seed ready, waiting and full of possibility, in this winter time.

It's been a year since this website was only a seed, and now has sprouted.

To tend a seed or not. I alternated between "I’ve worked all my life (including when my (late) husband was unemployed) and so deserve a rest from all responsibilities" to "There’s so much that is calling to me, so much wonder to experience and share, so many seeds that yearn to see the sun."

I’ve made my choice. I tended to another seed. I no longer want to sit back. Will I complete everything I begin, now that I am in the winter of my life? Likely, not. But we plant for future enjoyment, sometimes years into the future. We begin. Someone needs to begin. “It is not our duty to finish the work, but neither are we at liberty to neglect it.” (Ethics of our Fathers)

My latest beginning is The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying. Throughout my life—and also with this book—I have gathered, distilled and shared experience and information, hoping the seeds of the endeavor will take root and sprout, and then be sown again in another place, another soul. Perhaps, yours.

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