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Surely, there have been people in your life who gave valuable advice, support, mentoring. There have been people who stood by you through rough waters and challenging times, when the days ahead were foggy and uncertain.

These are your Old Oaks. Why Oak?

Oaks are one of the strongest trees and live for a long time, even up to 1000 years or more.

The ancients connected this longevity to wisdom and sought the advice of oak trees when making important decisions. Throughout the centuries, people believed oaks would bring happiness and health.

Fortunately, Little Pumpkin also has an Old Oak, who shares wise counsel when Little Pumpkin feels alone and scared about what might happen with the long winter coming on.

Old Oak and Little Pumpkin is your children’s book of trust, courage, and reassurance—and of course pumpkins and children—by award-winning author Linda Bryce.

You are invited to receive a free gift just by signing up to be notified of the book’s upcoming release.

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