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Living and Dying, 
I'm on Your Side.

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Old Oak and Little Pumpkin

Our Little Pumpkins can scare easily and need reassurance from their Old Oaks that they are safe and loved.

What wonderful feelings to take to bed at night!

Old Oak and Little Pumpkin makes a perfect gift for children ages 3-8, as they

  • ​follow the cycle of seasons and changes

  • hunt for a butterfly in each illustration

  • think and talk about feelings

  • grasp that we cannot always see the help and support available to us and

  • take in Old Oak's precious message

Old Oak and Little Pumpkin is an inclusive and timeless tale of trust, courage and reassurance for all Little Pumpkins.

Become a Friend of Little Pumpkin. Receive children’s activities and more stories from Little Pumpkin.

now available on amazon

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The Courage to Care:

Being Fully Present With The Dying

Many of us today have little or no direct experience with death and dying.   Uncertain how to meet someone’s needs and ease their journey, as well as harboring unsettling imaginings about death itself, we may hesitate to join them.


With a collection of true stories, trusted suggestions and timeless advice,
Linda Bryce prepares you to be there at bedside and experience the wonder and mystery of dying and of death itself.


Podcast interviews

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5 Trusted Ways to Ease Your Loved One’s Dying

About Me

I am Linda Bryce…former attorney, artist and University faculty.

And current author, bedside singer and songwriter, end-of-life doula, transition
coach and ordained minister. While my experience is vast and colorful, it has all
led me to hundreds of bedsides and the passionate work I do now to serve the
dying and those who love them.

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