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What Is Bedside Singing?

The ancient practice of singing at the bedside brings solace and peace not only to the one dying but also to family, friends and caregivers within hearing range—easing the time of transition for everyone.

You may request singers in groups of two or three to visit a home or long term care facility. Known by a variety of names—bedside singers, hospice choirs, threshold choirs—singers are located across the United States but not
in all areas.


Might you be the catalyst to initiate a bedside program near you? What a profound gift it would be if there were No One Without Song™ as they lay dying.

Click here to read a recent article in the Berkshire Edge about a singing group that I work with,

the 'Berkshire Threshold Choir'.

now available on amazon

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The Courage to Care:

Being Fully Present With The Dying

Many of us today have little or no direct experience with death and dying.   Uncertain how to meet someone’s needs and ease their journey, as well as harboring unsettling imaginings about death itself, we may hesitate to join them.


With a collection of true stories, trusted suggestions and timeless advice,
Linda Bryce prepares you to be there at bedside and experience the wonder and mystery of dying and of death itself.

About Me

I am Linda Bryce…former attorney, artist and University faculty.

And current author, bedside singer and songwriter, end-of-life doula, transition
coach and ordained minister. While my experience is vast and colorful, it has all
led me to hundreds of bedsides and the passionate work I do now to serve the
dying and those who love them.