Beginning Again

I am. I am readying to launch my No One Without Song(TM) initiative, which I mention in my bestselling book, The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying. Find out about the book and song and services at I'm excited!

Each moment we have the opportunity to begin again. We need not wait for a momentous occurrence or unexpected crisis. We need not wait until we “have time.” We need not wait until we know where we are going.

Indeed, can we ever see past the horizon?

Where do you want to go? Where would you like to end up?

As we dream, we are limited by our sight, our past experiences, our selves.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

We can’t see the road ahead because we can’t see it.

Do you know you do not wish to remain where you are?

“Let go, move on” as one of my songs begins.

Here, now, is the beginning point. You may begin again, any moment. And putting one foot in front of the other and holding on to your intention “or something better,” you will find yourself connecting with people and experiences you never dreamed of.

Begin again. It’s always available to you. Begin again.

I too am beginning again. Looking forward to your joining the journey!

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