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I am the growing grass!

I too am popping up today after the torrential spring rains. I cannot believe how long I've been under water.

Like those rains which created multiple rushing streams, I too have been rushing in multiple directions. For example,

I continue to speak about The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying book and related topics. (BTW: If you've read the book and found it helpful, please leave a review at either Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you purchased it, so others who would benefit from the information will find it. And Thank You! for sharing.)

There's a new young reader chapter book I've been working on. I'm taking my time because it not only deals with dying but also as a kids book, I'm sensitive to making it age-appropriate. An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of the latest draft has been out to various parents and other professionals for feedback. (Want a peak? especially if you have children ages 6-12 or work with them, reply to and ask for an ARC for your personal or professional review.)

Then there's Book 2 in the children's (ages 3-9) Little Pumpkin series and Book 3 in the works. Upcoming titles: Shhh: Little Pumpkin and Friends and...well, I'm not telling the third book title. If you live or work with little ones, consider enrolling as a Friend of Little Pumpkin and claiming your free gift here: . Why not share with others who may be interested?

And I lead and administer the Berkshire Threshold Choir. We sing to persons (and their families and staff within hearing range) who are critically ill or dying. You might want to go to the national organization, to find out what that's all about and whether there is a choir in your area for the time that you or someone you know might benefit from comforting song. Or perhaps you may be the spark to begin a group. You are so needed.

And I offer Soulful Sundown services on seasonal and spiritual topics. Related to this ongoing (for years and years) endeavor is a series of channeled writings. I'm reaching out to see who might be interested in these. (Are you? LMK)

With all of this, I also grow--again like the grass--in the use of programs and platforms and technology. Whew!

Thank you for who you are and for what you do. You have special gifts and talents that only you can contribute to the planet. In the words of a song, "(You) were born for this moment/ (you) came to earth for this time. / (You) were born for this moment/ (You) came here to shine!"

May you shine brightly! (Hmmm, that could be the title of my latest offering. LMK if you're interested in info.)

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