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All the children and the pumpkins have gone! Little Pumpkin is feeling afraid and alone. How will Little Pumpkin make it through the long cold winter?

Old Oak and Little Pumpkin was created by my late husband Lloyd and is the one story I have always remembered. Its reassuring message that we have Old Oaks—religious or human ones—watching over us is always needed and perhaps even more so now.

It began in the orphanage. Lloyd was the youngest of ten children in North Dakota in the 1940s and at the age of six was taken to an orphanage.

I can’t imagine how rough those years were for him. Feeling afraid, anxious, angry, alone. Feeling he had to fight to protect himself from the bigger boys.

When we had children—three girls and the last a boy, finally, a boy—Lloyd created stories at bedtime.

How might you help in getting Old Oak and Little Pumpkin into the hands of children living in temporary situations, including foster care (which replaced orphanages)?

Begin by signing up for information and a free gift. You can decide later.

Sign up today at

P.S. From dying to pumpkins? Both offer us the courage to care.

May you care and sign up today and make a difference in a child’s life.

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