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Get Maroon 5 and Memories

How did you feel when you listened to My Grateful Heart? Let us know by leaving a comment. (If you’re saying, ‘what, huh?’, catch up by reading the latest two blog posts.)

Notice I asked how you felt, not what you thought. A particular smell, an article of clothing, a song, can trigger a jumble of feelings—happy and sad. And then what to do? I suggest you pay attention. After all, emotions let you know what’s going on inside you.

As promised, here’s my second musical selection. These guys have had a string of hits and if I recall correctly, performed at the Super Bowl one year.

I used lyrics from their hit, Memories, in a book I made for my children.

As a certified end of life doula, I know that looking back at one’s life and recording it in some way to leave as a legacy is a valuable endeavor. Doing so offers opportunities to highlight achievements as well as reflect the meanings we take from the way we lived.

I wanted to record our annual family traditions, recipes, photos, and important dates. The compilation which I titled, “Through a Year with the Short Family,” ran to 107 8x10” pages long!! and stands as a legacy.

Oh right, so back to Maroon 5’s song. When I arrived at the month of July, the month in which their dad was born, I inserted his picture and captioned it with these lyrics:

Toast to the ones here today Toast to the ones that we lost on the way 'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back, memories bring back you.

We ‘lost’ their dad and still miss him, but when we remember, our memories bring us back together.

Have a listen, why dontcha? (And maybe think about a legacy project you might complete alone or with assistance from someone who’s been there, done that. Catch me at Read more about legacy projects and lots else in my award-winning The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying, )

Here's the song:

Memories (with lyrics) by Maroon 5

Last song share tomorrow. Well, last song for this series.

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2 comentários

Brought on a kaleidoscope of memories: fun times, happy times, silly times, sad times. Still feeling so sad. But catching my breath and going forward. 😪💔💖

Respondendo a

what a wonderful expression--a "kaleidoscope" of memories. Yes, once we open up to our memories, a kaleidoscope pours forth, rises up. May you breathe and continue to move forward. Like the tree that grows around the telephone line, our sad times remain inside us--and, we can continue to grow and move forward. Thanks for sharing. blessings, Linda

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