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Gotta Have Music for Ashes and Memory

I love music, especially lyrics. Ask my children. Ask my husband. I break out in song when a word or phrase fires a neuron in my brain, and like putting the quarter into the slot, a song with those words pops up.

I wanted to share some songs about memory as a follow-up to my Ashes and Memory earlier blog.

Today, I give you My Grateful Heart by Laura Fannon ©11/2004, in English and Spanish:

As an experienced bedside singer, I sang this piece last week for a widow on hospice. I could see visible changes in her face and in her demeanor as she settled in, transported to another time and place.

Remembering is fundamental to living. Winter—and music—make space for us to sit and visit with our memories—our joys and our sorrows, our misgivings and our finest moments.

Go ahead now and play this song. And savor your memories of times and places—and especially of the people who are dear to you, whether they are with you still or have passed from this life. Bless them. Remember them.

I’ll share another song tomorrow. Until then, I leave you to sit with your memories.

Want to share a special song? Feel free to let us in on a song that’s meaningful to you.

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