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Have you heard of bedside singing? Threshold choirs? Hospice choirs?

Not many have. Many many more need to.

These singers—of whom I am one—sing at the bedsides of folks who are seriously ill or dying. We sing for them, for their families, for their caregivers.

Everyone within hearing is comforted, consoled and uplifted by our unique repertoire of non-denominational music.

Go to to read about our Berkshire Threshold Choir, which I currently direct.

This morning I spoke to Karen, who visited our choir last year. She remembers her visits. She was drawn to doing this work when even the rehearsal felt spiritually uplifting for the singers. She was the catalyst for a new threshold choir chapter in South Jersey.

Karen—like all of us—sees firsthand the positive change in listeners. One 88-year-old woman with dementia needed two aides because she was difficult to handle and would bite. When Karen sang Moon River (no, not ‘our’ repertoire but we mix it up) was the first time the aides saw her open her eyes—and try to sing along although with garbled sounds. By the next week, the woman was in the dayroom, not needing close supervision, and singing along much better.

Another person was able to sing long after she could no longer form sentences. What a gift is music! No wonder music has been called medicine.

Does your business have a song group? Does your faith community sing to members?

Want to bring music to someone’s bedside?

Interested in more information or perhaps beginning a group? Even if there are just 2 of you? Visit to locate current chapters and for information.

And pick up your free gift on 5 Trusted Ways to Ease Someone’s Dying at

Another way to show your courage to care.

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