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I’ve been silent here online but certainly not snoozing. I have a children’s picture book, Old Oak and Little Pumpkin, which is in formatting and ready to come out this fall. Silence means service in my case. More on that tomorrow or take a peek here:

A second example. I recall being in the Director’s office with the head of Finance and going over budget figures for a national demonstration project I headed. I was bored because the finance guy wasn’t doing well with the math and I closed my eyes. In a bit, the Director commented on my ‘sleeping’. At that, I opened my eyes, said I was listening, and pointed out the math errors I heard the finance guy making.

And finally, it's true at end of life, too. We hesitatingly visit, see closed eyes, and turn around—or stay but are uncomfortable and don’t know what to do. (My award-winning book, The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying, clues you in.)

May I suggest that however you find someone, you speak directly to them, address them by name, announce yourself, and say what you need to say. The person may be silent—if they are getting ready to transition—but they can sense your presence and hear your voice.

And, they may well be only snoozing! and will open their eyes for a lovely visit.

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