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The following is a letter I received earlier in the week from a grateful reader.

"Dear Linda,

I want you to know your words found in your book The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying have been a sound and precious guide for our family. The five copies I bought (for me and my siblings) are leading my family through these times, and I am grateful for you beyond measure.

My husband’s mother died, as did my father recently. My family and I are most grateful to have read your book, now finding our way...breathing in the sadness and heartache and breathing out comfort and relief.

There was another loss in the last month, our 18-year-old, best cat friend ever named Charlie. The vet suggested we leave him in an animal hospital on an IV, prolonging his life for a week. I asked the vet, why would I do that? Her response was it would be too hard for me at home. I thought of you and my own alignment with being present to honor another’s passing, and I chose to bring him home for comfort and to follow his lead. He wanted to be held by (my husband) and me, so we did so for 2 days.

I chose to read the chapter in your book about being present, when to touch and when to just be quiet. It was a perfect way to be with him and help him and love him. I was holding him, laying down with (my husband) there, feeling his spirit when he took his last breath and his heart stopped...surprised when his body and nervous system continued to shut down afterwards.

All said, I like who you are and how you bring awareness and comfort to others in the process of living and dying. Now, I’m most appreciative for your guidance, even when you’ve been unaware of how much of a loving and caring guide you’ve been.

Thank you, Linda.

Liz "

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